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Domestic Housecat Cats 101

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The domestic house cat, America’s favorite pet. At least twenty one percent of american households have a domestic house cat and thirty-five percent have two or more. they’re all colors and sizes the domestic house cat made its way to America from England. They were originally used to control rat infestations in the colonies. Today they’re hunting instinct remain strong, as one of nature’s most perfect hunters, they can hear better, see better, smell better. the urge to hunt doesn’t mean a cat should be outdoors alone.

No expert recommends it,  an indoor cat is less likely to catch a deadly disease or be hit by a car, and will live on average three times longer than an outdoor cat. Domestic house cats share several common characteristics, they have large round eyes with almond shaped upper lids and round circular lower lids,  and a strong wide muzzle, which provides an effective bite better for catching those rodents. They have superb hearing with wide set medium sized ears that pivot 180 degrees, so there’s not much it’s going to get by a domestic shorthair cat, the domestic house cat makes an excellent pet.

Here are some things to keep in mind if you’re thinking of getting one. They are happy in the house but will  need secure windows and doors,  and make sure any outdoor time is supervised enclosures in your backyard or are great way to start this. The other option is that people kind of laugh when they see cats being walked on a leash, but it’s a really safe way to let them enjoy the outdoors.  Because they are bred from a large gene pool the domestic house cat, is generally a healthy cat. But they will need routine checkups, and vaccinations,  and a good brushing once a week we’ll keep them and you looking good, and they make a good family pet.

But because they are so varied, make sure you adopt one that matches your family’s,  temperament and make sure it’s the right match for your family. The domestic house cat is healthy with few medical problems if kept indoors. They are easy to groom and only require a weekly brushing. They are loyal companions and make good family pets. and are easy to find in shelters, in any town.